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Talking to Kids about Covid-19

Let me preface this by saying I’m in no way an expert on anything medical.  So, if you came here for anything actually related to the virus, now would be the time to move on. Instead, I’ll be talking about talking to kids.  I’m not a trained expert there either, but—as a dad—I do it a lot with the 9, 7, and 5 year-old kids here: Daize, Towser, and Tawnse respectively, (all aliases). Why do I bring the virus up at all?  Shit happens.  We went to an author’s talk a few days ago where the first question an audience member brought up was the virus.  Yesterday, Daize and I walked into one grocery store in the midst of a run and rode by another grocery with cars lined up down the block waiting in line to park.  (Thank you so much SFMTA driver who opened your doors and let us hop back out of that area!  Public transit rocks!)  The gang and I talk about things as they come up, so guess what?  With all the local happenings we’ve talked about Covid-19 a number of times over the last few