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Neutron Phase and Gravity

In my research this morning, I came across a collection of interesting articles from the 1970s where researchers observed a shift in the phase of a neutron's quantum wave function because of a change in the gravitational potential. This is similar to the Aharanov-Bohm effect, but using a gravitational rather than an electromagnetic potential. If you're a university student like myself, all the journal links below should be accessible via your university's library. The experiment design is described in Experimental Test of Gravitationally Induced Quantum Interference The results of the experiment are presented in: Observation of Gravitationally Induced Quantum Interference Another similar experiment by the same researchers was described in: Observation of a Phase Shift of a Neutron Due to Precession in a Magnetic Field For a nice primer of all things Aharanov-Bohm with reference to the above mentioned experiments, see Reviews of Modern Physics: The quantum effe

Agnew Hunter Bahnson's Namesake

I'm doing a presentation later this year on the role Agnew Hunter Bahnson Jr. played in founding the Institute of Field Physics at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. On a recent trip to the Philadelphia Museum of Art, I lucked onto a painting, ("The Agnew Clinic" by Thomas Eakins), of Bahnson's namesake, Dr. David Hayes Agnew . Dr. Agnew was the long time friend of Bahnson's grandfather and performed the excision of his elbow joint. Thomas Eakins is a famous American painter who lived in the Philadelphia area. The "Agnew Clinic" was his largest painting. The picture below is of another painting by Thomas Eakins.