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QSL Mapper Gadget From Copasetic Flow: Help

This QSL mapper gadget displays the QSL address of any two callsigns and maps the distance between them. Just enter the callsign of the transmitting station and click the 'Locate' button under the 'Transmit Callsign' input field. Then, enter the callsign of the receiving station and click the corresponding 'Locate' button. The QSL addresses will be displayed and mapped. The distance between the two stations will also be displayed. To display the watts per mile figure for the QSO just input your transmitter power in watts before entering the callsigns, or once the callsigns are entered, you can update the power and simply re-click either of the 'Locate' buttons. You can install this gadget on your own iGoogle home page, or on any web page by using the installer from Google .

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quiz layout practice

Practice the FCC Extra Class Amateur Radio Exam. Study materials are linked to most questions, or add your own using the form below! For General Class Practice: General Test and for Technician Class: Technician Test Login to save and review previous test results: Name: Password: Extra Class Practice Exam Loading...

Supporting Copasetic Flow

Remember the good old days of television when at the start of each commercial break and announcer would say: "And Now For A Few Words From Our Sponsors" Then, as now, most of our television programs were paid for by revenue from advertisers. The internet is a far more convenient medium than television for delivering entertainment and information. It's far less intrusive as well. Long gone are the days of advertisements interrupting your stream of thought. However, for the most part, content is still paid for by advertising. At Copasetic Flow you'll see ads above, beside, and below every post. These ads are chosen and displayed by Google based on the context of the page on Copasetic Flow that you're reading. Each time you click on one of these ads, Google pays us a small amount of ad revenue. It's that ad revenue that we use to keep things up and running here. So, if you see an ad that interests you, then by all means, support our sponsors and take

Shop Slides Registration

To register your shop, just enter your shop ID in the form below. To find your shop ID, just go to your Etsy store and look in the address bar of your web browser: Your store ID is the number displayed after 'user_id='. For the example shown above, you would enter 5896080 in the form. Shop ID: Now that your shop is registered, enter your shop ID on the Gadget setup page and copy the generated html code to embed your gadget.

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