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Poop Out!

I haven’t changed a poopy pull-up in two weeks!  I may never have to change one again!  I might be all done with poop!  Woohoo!  It turns out you can unschool potty training too!  Three year-old No. Three decided two weeks ago that she was going to potty train herself, and then she just did!  We’d been asking her for about the last year to head for the potty when she thought she needed to poop, but to no avail.  We didn’t stress too much over it, and neither did she.  We’d had the same experience with now six year-old No. Two.  One day towards the end of being three years-old, he decided he was potty trained.  That was it.  From then on, no poopy pull-ups, no pee, no nothing.  Three days later he switched from pullups over to ‘big-kid underwear’, and that was that. What kids can learn on their own still surprises me, even though—at this point—it shouldn’t.  They literally didn’t need me to help them learn.  They need me to be patient, but they learn what they want to learn, when