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Shoes for Shooing

As No. 1 and I were walking down the sidewalk, I said, "So, if a noun is a thing, and a verb is a word about doing something, then what kind of word is run?" "A verb!" "OK, what kind of a word is boot?" "A noun!  It's a thing." "Cool, so what kind of a word is shoe?" I asked. "A verb!" "Really?" "Yes!" I thought perhaps No. 1 was confusing an action with the thing she did it with, so I asked, "Verbs are actions right, so how do you figure?" To which No 1 responded with a furrowed brow, in all seriousness, "Well, like when you want us to leave a room, you say, "Shoo!" and we leave.  So, shooing is doing something."


The kids' grandparents are visiting from TX.  On our bus ride back from downtown yesterday, No. 1 was excitedly detailing everything she wanted to do for the rest of the day with her grandparents.  As the list grew, her grandma suggested that she write it all down so she wouldn't forget anything.  No. 1, popped out her sketch book, a box of crayons, borrowed my pen, and voila!  My favorite part was all the bacon!

When The Shoe's on the Other Foot... Literally

As our 'just under OSHA's safe hearing limits' subway hummed to a stop, I felt a gentle nudge at my left side.  Turning to find a kind but concerned looking fellow passenger, I raised my eyebrows quizzically.  She pointed at the kids.  "Ah," I thought, "she's about to comment on how awesome the kids are!"  It was the obvious answer, but why did she look so concerned? She leaned in conspiratorially. "Their shoes might be on the wrong feet," she whispered. "Hunh, would you look at that?  Cool!  Thanks!"  I replied with a big grin.  Off the train went roaring through the tunnels of San Francisco again. At the next station, the train doors slid open letting the bright platform lights flood in.  I felt another nudge.  This time my fellow passenger leaned back in contemplation, staring at the kids' shoes.  For fun, I leaned back with her.  We studied the footwear in question in some detail.  She nodded her head, then leaned

Reading About Learning to Read: Homeschooling Blog Review

Blog reviews are one my favorite things to do because I get to talk about other peoples' cool stuff!  Learning to read was a common theme during the month of November.  There were suggestions of how to interest kids in reading without pushing reading; fears that society at large would never quit pushing reading; and 10 reasons why it's best to let kids learn to read at their own pace. Kids learning to read at their own pace factored heavily in RedHeadedMom's post .  She suggests 10 reasons kids should be left alone to learn reading when, and how they'd like.  Many of the reasons focus on not causing undue stress and shame. Unschooling the Kids provided a plethora of fun tips for enabling your kids to read at their own pace .  My favorite ideas were to ask your kid to read your emails to you, and to write things on the fridge that make them laugh.  Other ideas that have worked for us include frequent trips to the library, (our library has toys in addition t