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Mars -- Debunking the Debunkers

In any scientific investigation, it's always important to keep an open mind. Otherwise, the important details can sneak right by while you're too busy hollering that they don't exist.

I've been researching dugg reports of strange phenomena lately. Things like the woman, the canals, and the face on Mars.

Just about as often as there is a report of a strange phenomenon, there's another report that claims to debunk it. In reading these 'debunkings' I noticed that most of them use the same logical fallacy. It's called the 'argument from fallacy', and here's how it works:
If P, then Q.
P is a fallacious argument.
Therefore, Q is false.
And here's a further example from wikipedia:
Tom: "All cats are animals. Ginger is an animal. This means Ginger is a cat.".
: "Ah you just committed the affirming the consequent logical fallacy. Sorry, you are wrong, which means that Ginger is not a cat".Of course, Ginger could be a cat. We…

Space Exploration, UFOs, and Martian 'Features': Let's Go Take a Look!

Martian Rock(Sculpture?)
While 'digg'ing around the internet this week I found this article about a recent picture sent back from the Mars rover Spirit.

The author was in an inordinate rush to dismiss the image as a case of pareidolia, which is defined as perceiving vague or random stimulus as being significant. Amusingly enough, pareidolia is a type of apophenia, which is what this article may wind up being categorized as. As an example, of the phenomenon, he sited the back of the New Hampshire quarter.

I've lived in the Southwest for much of my life, and I've seen my fair share of rocks that look like something else.

However, the above picture of the Mars 'sculpture' goes beyond this. All the other rocks look worn by the wind like sandstone does here. However, the rock of interest has not only NOT been worn in the same manner as the others, but is in a recognizable shape. Why?

The author goes on to cite another 'expert' who says the 'statue' i…

The Candidates on Space: Election '08

Popular Mechanics ran an interesting feature. They presented each of the candidates views on a number of issues that are of interest to their readers.

Among the issues was space exploration. According to Popular Mechanics only two of the candidates have any view at all. Both of those are Democrats, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama. According to PM, none of the Republican candidates weighed in on this issue!

I did a little hunting around and found that most of the candidates have reported views on space exploration. Links to the views of the rest of the candidates follow.

Ron Paul: This is a link to Ron Paul's stance on privatizing space from 1988. There doesn't seem to be anything available after that.

John Edwards: The following link describes what Kerry and Edwards thought about space in the 2004 election. They didn't come out with their views until days before the election last time, maybe Edwards is waiting again this time.

Rudy Giuliani: Giuliani spoke on the future…

Boulder, Colorado: The Week in Pictures!

Samothraki and the Sanctuary of the Great Gods

Last Autumn I visited the small island of Samothraki, Greece in the northeastern Aegean Sea. The island is beautiful with rocky beaches, mountains, dense forests, and natural waterfalls all packed into a small space.

View Larger Map

But, what initially drew my attention to it was the Sanctuary of the Great Gods. Alexander the Great's mother and father met there during a initiation. I wanted to find out if there were any links between modern-day Masonic ceremonies and the ritual initiations performed there. The site is beautiful!

The layout doesn't fit with the east-west layout of today's lodges. Almost every building on the site was situated north-south. Of course, with the gorgeous views of the sea to the north, who could blame them!

This site of temples and meeting halls is also where the "Winged Victory" statue was found.

The statue "Winged Victory", which now resides in the Louvre was found on Samothraki and recently featured in the movie Angel-A.


Copasetic Fox, Sanitas Valley, Boulder, Colorado

A few foxes have wondered into town lately. This one was just hanging out in Sanitas Valley this morning watching the world go by.

La Búsqueda El Diario Secreto: El conexión de la Familia Gates

Pieza I
La Busqueda El Diario Secreto: Página 47 y la conexión de los francmasones
Pieza II
La Búsqueda El Diario Secreto Página 47 y los Santos Juanes
Pieza III
La Busqueda El Diario Secreto:  El conexión de la Familia Gates

Pieza IV
Presidentes, Los Masones, y National Treasure: Book of Secrets

Hice más investigación en las conexiones Masonicos en la película nueva La Búsqueda El Diario Secreto ayer. Primero, una sumario

1. El contento de página 47 del Diario Secreto es aún un secreto en el finís de la película.

2. Masonry y especialmente el Ritos Escoses trata del 47th problema de Euclid también llamó el teorema de Pythagoras.

3. El Rito Escoses lectoras del grado fue escribo a Albert Pike. Él mentido por todas partes de las película.

4. El referencio primero que encontré a 47th problema de Euclid en Morals and Dogma, las lecturas del Ritos Escoses a Albert Pike, fue en el grado veinte. El referencio segundo fue encontrando en el grado veinticinco. En la película, Patrick Gates y Ben …

Sanitas Valley Morning

The Sanitas Valley/Dakota Ridge Series, Boulder, Colorado
Part IPart IIPart IIIPart IV

Sanitas Valley has almost completely cleared up after the recent snow storm. Only a few errant clouds are hanging around.

Sunrise from Dakota Ridge, Boulder, Colorado

The Sanitas Valley/Dakota Ridge Series, Boulder, Colorado
Part IPart IIPart IIIPart IV

After yesterday's snow and falling temperatures over night, this morning's sunrise was incredible!

Cloud Manifestation in Boulder Colorado

The Sanitas Valley/Dakota Ridge Series, Boulder, Colorado
Part IPart IIPart IIIPart IV

Cloud Forming From the top of Dakota Ridge in Boulder, Colorado on Tuesday morning:

What initially looked like a rain storm dumping on a lake turned out to be exactly the opposite! This picture at sunrise shows a cloud being formed over a small lake east of Boulder, Colorado. The picture was taken from the top of Dakota Ridge.

Detail View

There's an interesting article on cloud formation at Wikipedia. It makes me wonder if the cloud formation was accelerated by particulate matter from the nearby smokestack.

Video View

Boulder on Monday Morning

The Sanitas Valley/Dakota Ridge Series, Boulder, Colorado
Part IPart IIPart IIIPart IV

It's snowing in Boulder, Colorado this morning! All the trees were flocked along Dakota Ridge and Sanitas Valley. A black fox was making his way along the side of the valley in the snow.

Top Ten Movie Reasons to Vote

With new elections every day in the countdown to the presidency, Renaissance Adventures brings you the Top Ten Reasons to vote At The Movies
You have to try because if you haven't tried, you haven't lived.
Anthony Hopkins in Meet Joe Black
You told me once that you were a patriot, well now its time to step up!
Batman to Amanda Waller:
Justice League Unlimited
We have two lives: the one we learn with and the one we live with after that.
Glenn Close in The Natural
"I love you and that makes you mine!"
It's your country! Vote!
George Peppard in
Breakfast at Tiffany's
"You'll like that one... It has a surprise ending".
Pierce Brosnan in After the Sunset
"Remember the Maine!"
"Who could forget it!"
Like it or not, its your country and your war. Vote!
Paul Newman and Robert Redford in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
"Every person's life touches so many others."
Every vote counts!
Henry Travers as Clarence in It's a Wond…