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Facebook Connect Application Login Now Simple!

Writing a Facebook Connect application can be done in about half an hour using the newly updated Javascript API. No more server side code required! Here are the steps: 1. Setup a Facebook applicaiton Go to!/developers/ and click on the 'Set Up New App' button to setup a new application. On the about page, enter the application's name and a short description. On the 'Web Site' tab, enter the URL of the web domain that will serve the web page you will put your login box on. Copy the 'Application ID' from this same tab. Click on 'Save Changes'. 2. Add the Facebook javascript library to your web page Place the following div and script on your web page. The div won't actually display anything, it's just to bring in the Facebook code. I place it at the bottom of my web pages: 3. Initialize the facebook library with your application ID Execute the following line of code somewhere in your page's javas

Time to Register for ARRL Scholarships

Don't forget to apply for scholarships through the ARRL. The deadline is February 1st of 2011. They have college scholarships for amateur radio operators. Several of the scholarships offered are geography specific. Check out the map below and see if your state has one of these scholarships. Scholarship Descriptions Scholarship Application View ARRL Scholarship in a larger map