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form in a table test

Here comes the form. Here are the buttons that will be used everywhere else Link: Title: And now the form is over.

What are Bill Summary Pages?

The bill summary pages are a new project on Renaissance Adventures that utilizes Google Docs and the Google Visualization API. The summary pages provide readers interested in these bills with a links to government data, news stories, and blog entries related to the bills. And, readers can update the links themselves, so that everyone can benefit from the research of the entire readership! To add a link to any section, simply use the form below each section: Clicking 'Submit' will add a new page address and title to the database. Clicking 'View Updates' will update the table above with the link you just submitted. Look for new features to be added soon like sorting by submission date and title. If you have any ideas, I'd love to hear them, please add them to the comments below. Better yet, if anyone would like to help develop this, it would be a fun open source project. Keep checking back for updated information. Also, there will be an article or two in the nea