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Spring in Boulder and Paris

I finally made it back to Boulder today! The weather is beautiful! Boulder is still Boulder! While riding the shuttle into town I noticed a man in a gray business suit waiting at the bus stop. I've been here long enough to know that he's practicing sustainability. But hang on, that's not all. He was also practicing his dance steps as he waited. Swaying gently across the sidewalk in a graceful waltz. I was in Paris a few days ago. The weather was beautiful. Spring is in full swing there. And as it happens every spring, young lovers' thoughts have begun to turn to romance. Or in the case of Paris, perhaps they've turned a little past romance straight to lust. I sat down to eat dinner at the Monte Cristo on the Champ Ulysses and ordered a Monte Cristo to drink. I know, it lacks in originality, but it had to be done! Soon after that a young couple sat at the table next to me. They moved their chairs close to one another, there was a loud clunk as the