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Robin Galante Singer/Songwriter Extraordinare!

As I walked in the singer looked up and there it was again, that grin ! Different side of the world, but the same grin. Her name I later found out is Robin Galante . Robin was playing in the front of the coffee shop with a two person audience. I made my way to the back where coffee is served. I ordered a medium coffee, which at Adventure Coffee is a huge coffee, and made my way back to the front of the store. I plopped into a comfy chair against the store-front window and enjoyed. Robin looked up again, flashed the same smile and continued to play. Her voice was beautiful and rich and true as she played the guitar. All the lyrics hit home. Songs about chasing your dreams, songs about making the most of every circumstance in every day, and songs about the world and everyone in it all rolled into a guitar-backed, mellow performance. I bought one of Robin's albums which she was gracious enough to autograph for me. Again, it was just excellent. It even included a song about

An Afternoon in San Francisco

I flew into San Francisco this morning about eleven o'clock. I'm staying at the Hotel Des Art in the middle of everything. My room wasn't ready until three, so I went down to the wharf to hang out. The short version: I got a haircut, went down to the Buena Vista for lunch, saw some art and listened to some music. First, the haircut. I was a little flattered when my new barber told me I had a great shaped head. Who knew! My parents have often told me that they turned me over every six hours just like the doctor said to make sure I didn't wind up with a lopsided head. Finally, we all have the proof that it actually worked! Next, my barber commented that I have a lot of hair. Cool, I guess where I still have it at all, there is quite a bit of it. All of this was well and fine until about the fifth time he told me the same things. I hadn't been paying attention. I looked up and realized that apparently he had taken it as his personal mission to display my

Back in Boulder!!!

I'm back up in Boulder! As usual the place is incredible. It's more than just the place though, it's the people! I'm working from the Laughing Goat this morning. I'm near the front door and the floor to ceiling windows that stand open to Pearl St. The sun is beaming in and for Boulder, it's actually hot. As I work, I'm watching people wander in and out. They greet each other, share stories of their latest adventures and head back out. You hear the best things up here. A woman comes in with her two toddlers... "Yeah, so I slid all the way down the side of the mountain, rolled through a patch of bramles and wound up scratching both eyes... It was great!!!" Her buddies have their backpacks at hand. They're headed up the mountain in just a bit. Awhile later a woman sweeps into the shop with a flourish and twirl, (really, a complete 360 degree twirl), spinning her ankle length skirt around, and says "Hi" to her friends at the