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Hacking Disney Walkie Talkies into QRP ham radios.

I started a new project recently to determine if I could hack a Disney walkie-talkie into a QRP set. At first blush, it looks kind of simple, like maybe even a crystal replacement would do the trick. Has anyone tried this? Is there a reason it specifically won't work? Here are two pictures of the circuit board. The front looks simple enough. the back-side on the other hand... nothing by sm caps and resistors and transistors.

Ham Radio Exams Mentioned On....

Just a few links to sites that use or link to the ham radio exams. Jim's Engraving (lots of good ham radio stuff) KB6NU's Ham Radio Blog Northeast Weak Signal Group Arcadiana Amateur Radio Association ARRL QRP Amateur Radio Club International Mike and Gold Coast Amateur Radio Association W1MLK Radio Sequoia Amateur Radio Group New Zealand Amateur Radio Study Guide North American DX Association ARRL Bluetube Project SolderSmoke KB7TBT Jim's Engraving Decatur (Alabama) Amateur Radio Club Acadiana Amateur Radio Association Sam's Radio Hams Milliwatt - BRATS Newsletter" Big Bend Amateur Radio Club New Providence Amateur Radio Club South Bay Amateur Radio Association KP4NKE AeroARC WC5C Delta Amateur Radio Club KB1VCZ N9JRV Valley of the Moon Amateur Radio Club Raleigh Amateur Radio Society" G3XBM LWRA K6AA