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Cootermaroos and You: Blue Jay Canyon Campsites, Idaho

What it is A number of campsites sprinkled along Pass Creek as it winds through Blue Jay Canyon paralleled by National Forest Road 122 off of US 93, with an occasional pit toilet restroom. Pass Creek is accessible from each of the campsites. Tall canyon walls shatter the ground, rising above the creek on either side of the road. Last Visited:   June of 2022. Last Reviewed: June of 2022 Getting there: As you travel along US 93, turn north onto National Forest Road 122 aka Pass Creek Rd. Drive about six and a half miles to reach the canyon itself, although you’ll find campsites dispersed along the road beginning as soon as you enter Salmon Challis National Forest . Review: The campsites sit along Pass Creek as it winds through the canyon. One of the campsites we passed was across the road from a pit toilet. The other six or so campsites which were a few tenths of a mile away from each other would require a walk back along the graveled road to reach the facilities, (or you could al
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Mask, Be Kind, Push Up not Down

 We've made a decision lately that we're going to be getting out more. Let me start this by saying however, we will always, always mask: outdoors, indoors, everywhere.  But, getting back to the topic at hand, we're going to be doing more things more often outside the house.  It's become blindingly apparent to me—and maybe it hasn’t to you, and that’s OK, and one of the topics of this post—that the medical influencers and the powers that be are never going to let this pandemic end. Since we’re still going to have to function in the world, we, as a family, made the decision we have to get back into the world. And, it’s going to be quite scary. And, it’s going to be an awful lot of fun getting back into the world. (If we don't enjoy it, why even take the associated risks right?) And this same thing is happening to lot's of people: Yes. It's now an impossible situation. And so lonely. As neither the normies who think Covid is over, nor the hardcore single/child

The Beauty of Correspondence

 I got a reminder from Debra Eckerling via twitter about how much fun it is to correspond via mail and what a valuable way it is to network: Here’s your #Networking #GoaloftheDay #Write a #letter . On paper. With pen. And mail it! #goalchat @MangoPublishing — Debra Eckerling ⭐ Event Outcome Optimization (@TheDEBMethod) June 10, 2022 Think back to the last time you checked your mail. There were probably a few fliers from a chain grocery store, an inocuous white evenelope labeled 'Important!' offering you a new car warranty, and maybe a bill from the place you forgot to switch over to e-billing. Right?  If you're like me, that's what your mail has been like for the last 30 days or so in a row. Now, imagine you look at your stack of mail, and your handwritten name pops out at you from the front of an envelope. You check the postmark, (more on that below), and it's from a place you've never been, or maybe it's from in town, both e

Flowers, Fishing, and Independence

 Happy June! I got to hang out in a new place with the gang and my parnter yesterday: a beautiful place full of flowers, a place with access to a mountain stream that ultimately cascades into a reservoir, and a place I had absolutely nothing to do with discovering. A few days back, while headed out to fish at a reservoir we've been to dozens of times, my partner suggested that the 11, 9, and 7 year old gang of kids should take our two dogs on a hike back into the forest above the lake. The gang heartily agreed. We dropped them off at the inlet to the lake with the understanding they'd explore upstream before meeting me back at the spot in an hour and a half. I dropped my partner off in a meadow next to the stream that flows away from the lake. I went to fish on the lake (and I didn't catch a thing.) An hour and a half later, I went to pick up the gang. Then, lots of things happened: As I pulled down the road to travel the two miles to the inlet of the lake, I ran into the g

Of fishing line and bogs and owning problems (or not)

Two things happened today that could have been bummers, but weren't: one in the morning, and the other in the afternoon. In both cases, as a parent, I could've thrown a fit. One of the things was way easier to deal with than the other though, and because of that, I got to learn something about myself, and that was also kinda nice in addition to getting to have a pretty cool day. In the morning, we got to fish for a bit. The nine year old got the second fishing rod out of the car, and started making his way around the lake. The fish were biting, the dogs were staying generally out of the way, and things were fun. Then, the nine year old wound up with a twisted up, near to knotting line.  My heart rate went up, adrenaline started to pump, I really did not want to mess with the knots. I breathed deeply, I kept my mouth shut, and soon the situation was reolved, and we were both catching fish. In the end, I'd tamped down my reaction, bit my tongue, survived, and we'd wound u

Learning, memory, and Passion

We got to go fishing on the side of the road in a river nesteled up angainst a cliff today! It was a kinda big deal for me because we finally had time to stop at one of those 'perfect fishing places' one tends to see as they're wandering down old state highways.. We have an old fishing rod and reel with us, the only one we could find before the trip. It has a push button line release. The gang and I spent ouir last several fishing trips getting used to a spinning reel, (the open faced ones that occasionally spit line out in a tangled gnarl if you don’t treat them just so.) None of us has used a push button reel since before the pandemic started. It took me a little work to come back up to speed,with the reel, but I finally managed it. The relearning curve was taking longer for the eleven and 9 year olds. Then, I asked the seven year old if she’d like a turn, and wow! She walked up, took the rod and reel--ignored my intake of breath to begin the explanation of how to use the

Camping Life

 No big thoughts today, just snatches of a slice of life. The gang and I are out camping! We got up about 3 this morning to walk the dogs so they could get their wiggles in (and their pee and poop out.) Then, we all—the 11, 9 and 7 year old kids, the 13 year old dog and the one year old dog and myelf—loaded into the car and headed out of San Francisco super early to avoid traffic. But there were still lines of traffic coming down the little state highways we dodged off too just after Oakland.  Fortunately everyone was coming back towards town, but wow!  We saw two accidents. We got to stop twice. Once to run around the forest off of an old abandoned logging road.  Another time to make sandwiches and fish on the side of a mountain lake. We didn't catch anything. The sandwiches were awesome! Then we landed at our camping site for tonight.  The wind is gusting up to 16 miles an hour. The gang got their tent plopped down.  I got mine setup a few minutes later with their hel