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Energy Considerations and a Magnet Test: Lab Book 2014_08_29

Summary:  The energy and flux calculations show that the maximum sample size for the fiberglass Dewar should have a maximum energy of 308 keV.  This energy can easily overcome the Dewar attenuation.  A bit of research into computing an accurate theoretical spectrum was done.  The detector was recalibrated to place 320 keV in the highest channel.  Source runs with this setup were performed with Am 241 and Cs 137.  Things look good in this direction so far, (the channels look linear).  The iron yoke magnet was tested at currents up to 40 amps, which yielded a field of 4.33 kGauss.  The cooling held with the water traveling through the magnet coils only heating a bit. If you're new to the experiment, please scroll to the bottom for all the background info. Sample and Dewar Considerations The following are energy and flux numbers generated using Sage.  The solid angle flux is 1.4% of the total flux based on a calculation in the proposal. Radius Energy Flux