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Einstein's relativity in metaphor and mathematics by Enders A. Robinson

Apologies for the long hibernation.  I was getting a paper ready to submit and pushed just about everything else off to the side.  Hopefully, I'll get to write here more frequently as time progresses.  Today, if you're looking for a book on special relativity and you'd like to know more about Gudermannians, then Dr. Robinson's book just might be the one for you. If you're a Landau and Lifshitz fan like me, it will take you awhile to get used to the style of this book. However, once I got my head wrapped around Dr. Robinson's metaphorical style, I really enjoyed his explanations of special relativity. There are no universes cluttered with rigid rods and ideal clocks at every coordinate point! In one chapter the author manages to introduce the hyperbolic nature of space time, Lorentz contraction, and Larmor time dilation all using the metaphor of ants living on a rope hung over a heater with laser holographic communication devices. The example comes off amazing