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Laborator: Open-Source Collaboration Tools for Blogger Built on Google Platforms

Laborator Introduces Blog Chat
Update 7-3-2008: The latest update of the Google Visualization API appears to have broken the application! Bummer! Anyone have any ideas about how to fix it?The newest Laborator feature is in-blog chat. Now, your blog readers can chat within a blog post! Try chatting now!
You can try out the chat engine below. Just invent a user name for yourself, log on with a buddy, and chat away. No buddies available? Open two browser windows to this page, invent two user names, and try it out.

Chat on Laborator
To: From: userid:Who's Been Online Recently

Laborator is a set of rapidly evolving open-source collaboration tools for Blogger with two goals.
The first goal is to provide prototype collaboration tools sans hosting, (all the source code is in the source of this web page), that serve as interesting learning vehicles for Google platform tools like Google Docs and the Visualization API. The second is t…


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