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Facebook Development Using AppEngine

I've been porting the ham radio practice exams to facebook lately. The process for this wasn't entirely obvious to me and there were quite a few issues. This series of posts will try to make the process more obvious and highlight the issues I hit so you can avoid them. For now, I'll just point you at a list of the posts that will slowly flush out and my list of stumbleupon bookmarks I accumulated while doing research for the project. Table of Contents Facebook on Google App Engine Resources

Martinique on 14 and 10 MHz

Click image above to go to logbook entries FM5Ld from Martinique was spotted today. Cool stuff about Martinique: It's an overseas region of France. It's part of an island arc along the Puerto Rico Trench that is the boundary between the Caribbean Sean and the Atlantic Ocean.

DX to the Azores!

The DX spot of the day on copaseticflows was a QSO from OZ4Z to CU3HQ in the Azores. Not a bad looking place!