Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hacking Disney Walkie Talkies into QRP ham radios.

I started a new project recently to determine if I could hack a Disney walkie-talkie into a QRP set. At first blush, it looks kind of simple, like maybe even a crystal replacement would do the trick.

Has anyone tried this? Is there a reason it specifically won't work?

Here are two pictures of the circuit board. The front looks simple enough. the back-side on the other hand... nothing by sm caps and resistors and transistors.


LinhTramN said...

Awesome!!!!!!!!I am watching the Professionals as a young lad thinking wow I would love one of those walkie talkies. I think I may have one in the junk box somewhere which was going to be used for parts reclamation!!!!

Radios Guru said...

Great post !!!!!!! . Any walkie talkie that uses a trunking radio system will make a very similar sound. When you press the transmit button on a trunking radio, which includes P2T on cell phones, you don't know that you'll get a frequency to transmit on. When the system assigns you a frequency you're radio makes the chirp to let you know you can now talk. If you talk before the chirp nobody will hear you.

walkie talkie reviews said...
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walkie talkie reviews said...

I didn't try this before but from your video and writing , i am inspired to do it. The images can be more helpful to hack a Disney!