Friday, January 18, 2008

Superboy: The DaVinci Connection

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In my last Superman conspiracy post, I promised more insight into the DaVinci connection.

First, a review: The movie The DaVinci Code made the painting The Last Supper by Leonardo DaVinci even more famous.

As I mused about the possibility that Superman could be a modern day Messianic legend, I mentioned the similarities between the color themes of Jesus and John's, (Mary Magdalene's?) clothes and those of Superboy and Mon-El.

Sure, the colors are the same, but what other connections are there? Well, the original pre-Crisis version of Superboy sacrifices himself to save Earth. Because he uses his own body as a conductor between two wide spread energy terminals, he dies with arms outspread as if on a crucifix.

Meanwhile, Mon-El, his best friend is left to carry on his works.

For an impressive recounting of this link to: The Greatest Hero of Them All

OK, we have the sacrifice of the heroic messiah figure, but what about the sacred feminine you say? Well, after Superboy's death, Mon-El kills the Time Trapper.

The Time Trapper's death causes the entire universe and historic time stream to be re-written. As an interesting side note Mon-El had been created by the Time Trapper kind of like a golem, but more on that later!

In the this newly re-written universe, the Mon-El or Lar Gand character is replaced by: Laurel Gand!

That' right, a woman! So, Superboy's best and most loved friend turns out to be a woman, just as John turned out to be Mary in the Last Supper. As if that weren't enough, the new Laurel character has a newborn child. Remember, in The DaVinci Code book, the reason for the secrecy behind the Priory of Scion was to protect the progeny of Jesus and Mary!

Now, if you want to take things a bit further, they'll stretch a bit further yet. One of the Laurel Gand's character's earlier prototypes was Laurel Kent, a futuristic descendant of Superman. In The DaVinci Code Audrey Tautou plays the descendant of Jesus.

Descendant of Superman

Descendant of Jesus

Notice any similarities?

For more on DC Superheroes changing gender, see a recent post at Occasional SuperHeroine.

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