Thursday, September 8, 2016

Dad and Kids:The Dad Posts Debut

On Twitter, G+,and my blog, I mention that I'm a new dad.  However, thus far, I've failed to write much if anything on being said dad.  Tomorrow that changes.  My inspiration is two-fold, first, I need to keep my writing practice up, and that's hard to do with writing about physics if you're not working in physics all day, every day.  The second inspiration is that I finally found a parenting blog that I enjoy!  It's written by Australian home-schooler/unschooler Sarah.  Her blog is titled Happiness is Here.  It's right up my alley, and if you enjoy stories of laissez-faire parenting, you might like it to.  Anyhow, finding a somewhat similar voice in the mash of the internet, I'm bolstered to loose my own Dad sort of thoughts.  There'll still be posts on math, physics, and the like, but starting tomorrow, dad posts will cohabitate with the rest!

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