Monday, February 15, 2016

Fun and Games with Art History and The Stars are Too High

So, this is cool!  As I've mentioned here before[1], the painting shown below depicts the namesake of Agnew Hunter Bahnson Jr., (author of The Stars are Too High).  I've also mentioned that Agnew's cousin, Dr. Henry T. Bahnson, is named after their shared grandfather that Dr. Agnew, depicted in the painting below, operated on.  I've even mentioned that Dr. Bahnson worked with Dr. Blalock who originated the life-saving blue-baby surgical technique along with Dr. Vivien Thomas.  Now, here's the cool new stuff!  A movie, "Stomething the Lord Made", that treated the relationship between Dr. Blalock, and his surgical assistant Dr. Thomas was produced by HBO.  In the scene immediately before the portrayal of Dr's Blalock, and Tomas' groundbreaking surgical technique, the aforementioned, painting appears in the background.  As I said, you already knew that Bahnson worked with Blalock, but did you also know that Bahnson traveled with Dr. Blalock as his surgical resident in his tour of Europe subsequent to the groundbreaking surgery?  He did!  Other cool bits of trivia.:


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