Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Lab Book 2014_05_21 Cleaning and Planning

Lab Book 2014_05_21     Hamilton Carter
Reviewed the theory that’s being tested by the experiment.  Looked into digitizing the data with an Arduino and did more cleaning and organizing.

QVT 3001
Looked into how hard it would be to build an Arduino interface to get the detector data out of our QVT 3001.  The QVT 3001 assembles the hits detected by the NaI photomultiplier tube combination into an energy spectrum.

There is an interface that allows external reading and writing of data. The reading interface is summarized in the following two figures.

Since the QVT requires a 16 bit bus, I’m going to need a bigger Arduino.

Hirsch Theory Articles
Reading through Dr. Hirsch’s theory articles again.  They seem to layout the following path:
1.  High temp suerpcodnctors may be explained by the theory of hole superconductivity.
2.  Hole superconductivity fits with BCS but predicts kinetic rather than potential energy lowering for the condentation energy.
3.  Hole superconductivity predicts that negative charges will be expelled from the interior of the superconductor.
4.  The negative charges will create an electric field on the interior of the superconductor.  This might seem counter-intuitive, but is mathematically supported if the charges are moving as spin currents.
5.  Some might object to the spin currents based on Bloch’s theorem, but they are allowed due to spin-orbit intercactions. A reference to this specifically being allowed is Bohm’s paper form 1949.
6.  These spin currents can account for certain not completely explained aspects of superconductivity such as the Meissner effect and the London moment.

Cleaned the A-Frame to be used for lifting the magnet.

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