Friday, April 11, 2014

Adventures in Hosing

We're trying a new type of roughing pump vacuum hosing.  We're moving away from the traditional classic, red rubber tubing and trying out Kuritech K7130 Polywire Hose!  The kids and I went on an adventure a week and a half ago to check the hosing out at Bryan Hose and Gasket!  Everyone was super nice, and it looked like if you turned up later in the day you could have free popcorn.  It was Sam's first science trip.  Jr. used to go on these all the time when were at Brookhaven National Laboratory.  The best part, besides the obvious of getting to hang out in a hose and gasket store?  On the way out, Sam and Jr. saw their first real bulldozer, (see the right hand side of the building in the picture).  After weeks of seeing them in Mater cartoons, they thought it was awesome!

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