Monday, November 18, 2013

Speaking of Scientists in Suits... and Relativity

Maintaining the theme of suited up scientists, here's another dapper 1960's scientist presenting on two of my favorite subject areas, special relativity and particle accelerators.

Dr. William Bertozzi presents a series of experiments that show that electrons gain relativistic mass as they approach the speed of light.  This was an educational film sponsored by the NSF.  The explanations are fairly simple and concise.  The coolest part of all though is that Dr. Bertozzi opens and modifies the accelerator between runs on film!  You don't see that at today's giant accelerators.

For whatever reason Jefferson Laboratory, the maintainers of the film haven't seen fit to put the film on youtube yet.  You can access the whole film via their website though at

The youtube video below is just the first few minutes so you can get a flavor.

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