Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Determining Whether Voltage Lags or Leads Current in an RLC Circuit Extra Class Exam Style

If you're coming in from the physics side
In my spare time I write web apps. I also play with ham radios as KD0FNR.  One of the web apps I've published provides practice exams for ham radio license tests.  What follows is a study video for the extra class exam.  The extra class license is the highest class of license an amateur operator can earn in the United States and the test requires quite a bit of electronics theory.

If you're coming in from the ham radio side
For my full time gig, I'm a graduate student in the physics department at Texas A&M University.  In my spare time, I write about physics topics that catch my eye on any given day.

Now for the study video
This study topic details how to work through the questions on the exam that ask about the phase relation between voltage and current in a series RLC circuit.  It shows a few tricks for doing the problems without a calculator.  All feedback is welcome.. please!  As for me, I feel this video is a bit flat, (there aren't any pirates or a moose), but I believe it gets the basic points across.  #E_5_B_07

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