Sunday, June 2, 2013

A Graphical Note on Beta Decay and Parity Violation

After writing about parity violating beta decay a few days I discussed it with a professor here at A&M and he pointed out that the whole thing isn't that odd at all if you look at the correct part of the following diagram based on Cottingham and Greenwood [1].

At first glance, it seemed odd to me that that magnetic field represented by the thick orange-ish arrows above didn't reflect in the mirror.  My professor pointed out, however, that the source of the magnetic field, the small circular current, reflected exactly as you'd expect a directed circle to reflect in a mirror.  Consequently, everything is simple and exactly as it should be if you look at the reflection of the cause rather than the effect.

1.  An Introduction to Nuclear Physics
Cottingham W.N. & Greenwood D.A. An Introduction to Nuclear Physics, DOI: 

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