Friday, May 3, 2013

Wardenclyffe Rescued!!!!!

In all my finals studying I almost forgot!

They Did It!  They Did It!  They Did It!

It was announced yesterday at the New Yorker Hotel in Manhattan, NY that the Tesla Science Center organization purchased Wardenclyffe and will be turning it into a science museum!!!  The press conference can be viewed below!

The crowdsourcing campaign started by +Matthew Inman put their fundraising over the top and the lab has been purchased!  Over 33,000 people contributed to the fundraiser.  In addition to a number of other folks that worked on the project, the +American Physical Society's Physical Review B editor served on the board of the Tesla Science Center as the Secretary.  As I've mentioned before, +Dashiell Hammutt and I were lucky enough to make ham radio QSOs viaspecial event station W3T from the Wardenclyffe property to help raise awareness.  +Diana Eng and a team of ham radio operators transmitted on the same day from Tesla's last home, and the location of the press conference, the New Yorker as special event station N3Y.

The excellent comic book RASL by Jeff Smith which was based on the Tesla mythos  mentioned the effort on it's letters page.  Lots and lots of other folks were involved and everyone did such a great job!!!!  Before and after pictures of Wardenclyffe are included below.  The press conference announcing the purchase can be viewed below.  Wow!  Wow!  Wow!

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