Saturday, April 20, 2013

NASA and LENR and Physics Central Bibliography

Yesterday's Physics Central Physics Buzz Blog[9] post about NASA and LENR, (low energy nuclear reactions), raised a lot of questions for me.  I haven't answered them all yet, so I don't have anything specific to offer, but I thought I'd pass along the following reference list of journal articles, interviews, and videos related to the post in case you wanted to learn more about the physics yourself and form your own thoughts on the matter.  If nothing else, there's a lot of interesting physics at play here including matter waves, Bloch oscillations, and beta decay.  At a minimum, I'll be covering the science behind the controversy soon.

1.  NASA video with Joseph Zawodny

2.  Forbes article on NASA LENR

3.  Joe Zawodney on the 2012 controversey

4.  NASA Langley Chief Scientist Article

5.  NASA News article on LENR research

6.  Mercury CFL Bulb Article

7.  Widom and Larsen on low energy nuclear reactions.  This appears to be open access.

8.  Tennfors commenting on Widom and Larsen's article.  This also appears to be open access.

9.  Physics Central Physics Buzz Blog on NASA and LENR

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