Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Quantum Mechanics Angular Momentum Flash Cards

I'm still studying away for quantum II.  I thought I'd at least get a sketch of a WKB derivation posted up here today, but that's not the case.  A while back, I wrote a little JavaScript flash card program.  I'm using it to study for my test.  Here are the angular momentum cards.  Apologies to the Google+ folks.  The cards have automated facebook login, and stodgy old login only for score and card tracking.  I still need to get them updated for Google+ login.  If the card stack is useful to you, (it shoudl continue to grow by the way), and you'd like to use them outside of this page, you can either go to:

or, you can embed the flash cards in any site you want using the above address and an iframe

The little ads here and there will travel along with the cards when you embed them.  That's my get to APS meetings travel fund, (funding ain't what it used to be).

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