Tuesday, January 15, 2013

London Moment and Giant Atoms

This is mostly just a note for myself to help me keep my references straight, but if you're interested in the London moment in superconductors, or the giant atom model of superconductors, you may find this interesting as well.

In reading JE Hirsch's articles on the hole theory of superconductivity, I was led to an American Journal of Physics article by R. G. Rystephanick that had a very nice derivation of the London moment.  In searching for more information on Dr. Rystephanick, I found an article on arxiv that cited him by Hanno Essen.  Dr. Essen's article spoke about the history of the giant atom model of superconductivity which I hadn't realized had been studied so widely in prior years.  JE Hirsch also makes use of the giant atom model in his work.

AJP article:

Essen paper:

Essen giant atom paper:

Hirsch's Giant Atom paper:

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