Sunday, November 18, 2012

GIS Day and the Copasetic Flows Mapping Applications

The Geography department and the map library here at Texas A&M sponsored Geospatial Information Systems day here this week. I entered the associated poster competition with a poster about all the mapping applications that are available here on Copasetic Flows. This is a recap of said applications.

Satellite Mapping
Find out which amateur radio satellites will be passing your location soon, where and when they'll pass by.

APRS Fly/Drive bys
APRS is an amateur radio packet data system used for among other things, tracking the locations of vehicles belonging to ham radio operators.  This application allows you to select a recent flight or driving path of an APRS user and fly or drive along the same path on Google Earth.

QSO Mapper
The application that started all the mapping here on Copasetic Flows.  Enter your callsign and the callsign of the ham you just QSO'd and get a map linking your two locations.  You can even log your calls right on the site.

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