Friday, June 22, 2012

Daybreak Chapter 4, Wardenclyffe and Real Physicists

Chapter 4 of Daybreak premiered yesterday! It was a little mushy and a little short for my taste, but it had another great physics quote delivered by Charles:
"oceanic overturn followed by a series of mega-tsunamis and hyper-hurricanes"
Oh the alliteration!

There were also some interesting references to Wardenclyffe, Tesla's last laboratory. Which brings up the question, do real physicists hang out around Wardenclyffe?

Although the transmitting tower was torn down and sold for scrap to pay Tesla's hotel bills, the laboratory building behind the tower is still there, and yes, yours truly got to hang out at Wardenclyffe for a day. A group on Long Islan, the Tesla Science Center, is working to restore Tesla's last lab into a working science museum and makers space. In support of the efforts to restore the lab, I worked with Jeff Murray, K1NSS, ham radio cartoonist extraordinaire, Diana Eng, Make magazine contributor, fashion designer, and NYC ham radio aficionado, and Colorado ham radio adventurer Michael Coletta, KG7UFO to activate three historic Tesla locations. Diana and her team of ham radio operators transmitted from atop the New Yorker, Tesla's residence in downtown New York City. Jeff and I were lucky enough to get to setup a station at Wardenclyffe itself. Michael, KG7UFO, transmitted from the site near Colorado Springs where Tesla built the prototype of his Wardenclyffe transmitting tower. A great time was had by all and Wardenclyffe communicated with radio stations all over the world, just as Tesla intended, (see the interactive map below). If you'd like to help with the effort to restore Wardenclyffe, please contact the Tesla Science Center.

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