Friday, February 24, 2012

Toroidal Solenoids Actually Pancake Coils NMSUSCGE

In his 1992 Physica C paper, Podkletnov references the use of a toroidal solenoid as the levitation coil for the superconducting disc. In Hathaway's 2003 reported replication attempt, he describes the same coils as pancake coils. It was unclear to me if a toroidal solenoid and a pancake coil were in fact the same device. It turns out that they are in fact different names for the same thing. See the page excerpted from the "Standard Tables and Equations in Radio-Telegraphy" by Bertram Hoyle, (1919), below.

Podkletnov, Nieminen, Physica C, 203, (1992), 441

Hathaway, Cleveland, Bao, Physica C, 385, (2003), 488

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