Tuesday, February 14, 2012

New Mexico State University Superconductor Gravity Experiment

I've begun background work, as part of my graduate physics studies at New Mexico State University, on an attempt to reproduce Eugene Podkletnov's 1992 superconductor gravity experiment as reported in Physica C. Dr. Podkletnov reported a small reduction in the weight of test samples suspended above his apparatus.

Diagram from "Podkletnov, Nieminen, Physica C, 203, (1992), 441 - 444"

The project has been loaned the superconductor and other equipment used by the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center in their replication attempt. A NASA team and another laboratory led by George Hathaway attempted to replicate the experiment and reported null results. For the findings of George Hathaway's group see their Physica C article.

My background research has led to a lot of interesting physics. Check back here for periodic progress reports and references to other interesting research in the field.

Podkletnov, Nieminen, Physica C, 203, (1992), 441 - 444
Hathaway, Cleveland, Yao, Physica C, 385, (2003), 488 - 500


Anonymous said...

So. . .any news?

Hamilton said...

Thanks very much for the interest! There's been lots of news in the subsequent posts to this one. For the last two weeks, there's been a lot of activity analyzing data and getting a publication ready to go. I'll try to get an update to the blog soon.