Tuesday, August 2, 2011

More on the Jeri Ellsworth SDR Videos

After seeing Jeri Ellsworth's videos on software defined radios, it looks like something that'd be fun to try. This post is just an easy access point for the reference materials I'm using. It starts with the Element14/Jeri Ellsworth video outlining her SDR project followed by her 7 vlog entries on the project. Following that are links to the FB papers on SDR from AC5OG, and a few references to parts from Sparkfun that look like they'd be handy.

vlog part 1

vlog part 2

vlog part 3

vlog part 4

vlog part 5

vlog part 6

vlog part 7

AC5OG SDR Paper part 1

AC5OG SDR Paper part 2

AC5OG SDR Paper part 3

AC5OG SDR Paper part 4

Sparkfun analog mux board

Winrad software from I2PHD

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