Monday, August 8, 2011

Boulder in Scarecrow and Mrs. King!

Why is Boulder, CO cast in the part of Washington D.C. in Scarecrow and Mrs. King, Season 3, Episode 19, "The Boy Who Could Be King"? 11:32 into the episode a panning shot that is supposed to be in downtown DC is actually the Pearl St. mall, in Boulder, CO. Here's the shot from the episode, (scroll down for the same view of the Pearl St. mall in Google Earth):

Here's the view of the Pearl St. mall in Google Earth. Google Earth is a bit strange, you may have to reload the page to get the correct picture, (or click the 'View Larger Map' link below:

View Larger Map

Later at 23:14 an assay report is shown from the Stagler Mining Co. of Bolder Colorado.

Anybody know if there was any rhyme or reason to all this?

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