Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Subelement Progress Reports

Thanks to Dave, W4YDY, who remembered that the ham radio practice tests used to have a feature that created tests containing all the questions from a single test subelement.

For folks new to ham radio license tests, each of the three United States amateur license exam question pools, (technician, general, and extra), is organized into 10 subelements. Each of the subelements covers a particular subject area in amateur radio. For example, subelement 2 of the technician class exam covers 'Operating Procedures'.

Dave pointed out that his grandson used the subelement feature to practice the questions corresponding to a subelement as he was reviewing the same subelement in his study guide. When he took his exam he: "Only missed 3 questions and is now W4DWA."

The subelement focus feature and subelement progress charting has been added back to the U.S. ham radio practice exams at http://copaseticflows.appspot.com/hamtest. Now, in addition to tracking your practice test scores over time, you can also scroll down the scores tab to see your scores broken out per subelement. Each subelement score graph has a button directly below it that will setup a practice test of only questions from that subelement. You can also start a test for a particular subelement on the 'Test' tab by clicking one of the subelement buttons below the question and answer area.

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