Monday, July 18, 2011

Hiam Percy Maxim's Dad in Mecanno Magazine

Prior to reading all about Hiram Percy Maxim on Dashtoons, I'd never heard of the original OM of ham radio. So, while perusing the December, 1927 issue of Meccano Magazine, I was surprised to find an article extolling the inventive brilliance of Sir Hiram Stevens Maxim, Hiram Percy's dad! In addition to highlighting Sir Maxim's childhood work ethic, the article points out that he was almost the inventor of Cordite except for one flawed sentence in his application that was filed fourteen days before the ultimately accepted application of Sir Dewar, (inventor of the Dewar flask), and Sir Abel. The article further details Maxim's invention of the machine gun, (an early model is shown below), and includes a quote from the Lord of Salisbury to the Prince of Wales:
"I have just been telling Mr. Maxim that he has prevented more men from dying of old age then any other person that ever lived!"

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