Tuesday, May 10, 2011

First Flying Rockmite QSO!

I made my first QSO with WD8AFB of Orlando, FL with the new Rockmite 20 yesterday. That's 974 miles from Sound Beach, NY on about half a watt. The antenna design is a little different. Instead of running coax from the radio up to the antenna, the radio is part of the antenna.  A hijacked length of cat-5 ethernet cable brings the control and power lines down from above.

I used Dashtoons brand antenna insulators as quick disconnects so I can take the radio down during our frequent rains here on Long Island.

The keyer was a bit primitive for this first QSO:

Map of the QSO:


KC4ETW said...

That is a very interesting ham radio story.Anyone can buy an expensive radio and be a top gun with a tower and a beam etc.But this guy used his head and skill sets to do something really fun an interesting.God speed to this ham and I hope to follow the story and one day soon build my own rockmite.

Hamilton said...

Thanks Kenneth! Please keep me posted on how your rockmite goes!