Thursday, April 14, 2011

SSB Internet Reader: Technology

Soldersmoke 132 inspired me to look up Donald Norgaard, one of the engineers who worked on and promoted SSB transmission early on. I found a wealth of material about early SSB available on the internet. Here's a list of the more technically minded articles:

Amateur Radio and the Rise of SSB[pdf]: Nice historical overview of SSB. This article references a 1948 QST article, (see below), by Norgaard that has a very nice explanation of phasing SSB.

"A New Approach To Single Sideband", Donald Norgaard, QST June, 1948
This is the article referenced above. If you're an ARRL member, you can pull it from the QST archives.

"Notes on the Design of the SSB Jr. Rig"[pdf] Another article by Donald Norgaard that appears in the GE Ham News. Be sure to check out the FB from N4TRB.

"A QRP SSB Transceiver" by WB9IPA This page has plenty of other links to SSB articles on the web as well as a very interesting chronicle of WB9IPA's SSB transceiver project.

Coming soon, the historically oriented list.

Have fun everybody!

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