Saturday, April 30, 2011

iHAB-4 Launches This Morning!

iHAB-4 a high altitude baloon complete with qrp beacon and student science exerpiments will launch this morning! We helped chase iHAB-2 back in October and had a great time! You can read more about the fb work by W0OTM and team at the iHAB-4 web site.

The posting to GQRP announcing the launch is copied below:

The Iowa High Altitude Balloon project is making it's 4th launch
tomorrow morning at 10Am Central, 1500z, from Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

A major milestone is that science student's cannister experiments will
be carried aloft and analyzed upon recovering the payload.

One of the goals of this launch is to do a remotely triggered cut down
at 75,000 feet, or over the Mississippi River, whichever comes first.
The tether between the payload and the balloon will be severed from a
ground command. A test of the cutdown circuit at low temperature can
be viewed here

As on the last flight, a 2M simplex repeater will be operatiing on
147.500 PL TONE 100.00.

The 20M CW beacon will be operating again on 14.058 sending IHAB4
W0OTM Feel free to post signal reports on

You can monitor the flight path at

Enjoy the flight.
I love this radio stuff !
72, 73 Terry, WAƘITP

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