Monday, April 11, 2011

Dash! The Dog Faced Ham at MOCCA 2011

We went to the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art Festival this weekend and met Jeff K1NSS of Dash! The Dog Faced Ham fame! It was great to run into another ham at a comic book fest! Jeff is a super, super nice guy! He supplied us with the first two issues of Dash and three Official Dash Insulators which will go into the backyard dipole just as soon as the new Rockmite is finished.

After we got home, I tore through the first dash book and got half-way through the second. Dash is the story of a dog-faced kid growing up with ham radio. The book chronicles Dash's adventures with vacuum tubes, fox-hole radios, and all sorts of other exciting and arcane technology! The art in the book is pretty to look at and the story is great fun to read! There are plenty of ham radio in-jokes for those in the know, and secret morse code messages as well!

There were a few other cool and pretty things around the fest. I'll add more as time allows:

The Center for Cartoon Studies, from White River Junction, VT.

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