Sunday, June 13, 2010

General and Extra Class Free Practice Exam Gadgets

The Copasetic Flow Amateur Radio General and Extra Class Practice Exams are now available as an embeddable Google gadgeta! The gadgeta shown below can be placed on your igoogle homepage, or any other web page to provide your readers with a quick practice exam. The exam gadget also works great on your igoogle page on your iPhone!

You can install these gadgets on your own iGoogle home page, or on any web page by using these links General Class and Extra Class.


Anonymous said...

very cool stuff.

Note that a few of the longer questions appear to be getting truncated.

For example, I see this text for one of the questions:

"What is the turns ratio of a transformer used to match an audio amplifier having a "

The rest of the question is missing.

Hamilton said...

Thanks for pointing out the truncated questions. I found a few more in the general exam and fixed them.

73 de KD0FNR Hamilton