Monday, December 15, 2008

Internationalizing the QSL Mapper

QSL mapper now available in:
by Tjeerd PA3GNZby Dieter DL2BQDby Juan EA5XQ
Want to help translate it to your language? Read on!
After communicating with Tjeerd, PA3GNZ, of the GQRP group and taking a look at his great Rockmite page, it occurred to me that it would be nice if the QSL Mapping gadget could automatically be displayed in the language of the gadget's user. As it turns out, Google provides an easy API for Internationalization. All that's needed are the translations of all the gadget's labels and messages into each language. Tjeerd was kind enough to provide the translation into dutch, so the gadget shown below will have labels in Dutch when viewed on a browser configured for Dutch.

Now all that's needed is the translation for every other language :) If you're so inclined, have the time, and know the translation of the following phrases, please add them to the comments below. I'll bring the gadget up in more languages as the translations are available! Thanks for your help on this!

The phrases are:
Transmit callsign
Receive callsign
Transmit power in watts
Miles Per Watt
Kilometer Per Watt
Unmappable address format. Please re-format the address, test, and

You can install this gadget on your own iGoogle home page, or on any web page by using the installer from Google.


Juan A. Bertolin (EA5XQ) said...

To Spanish:

Transmit callsign = Indicativo Emisor
Receive callsign = Indicativo Receptor
Transmit power in watts = Potencia Transmisión en vatios
Distance = Distancia
Miles Per Watt = Millas por vatio
Kilometer Per Watt = Kilómetro por vatio
Unmappable address format. Please re-format the address, test, and
submit. = Formato de dirección no válido. Por favor, revisa el formato de la dirección, pruébela y envíela de nuevo.
Test = Prueba
Submit = Enviar

Janne Östlund said...

To Swedish:
Transmit callsign = Sändarens anropssignal
Receive callsign = Mottagarens anropssignal
Transmit power in watts = Sändareffekt i watt
Distance = Avstånd
Miles per watt = Mil per watt.
Kilometer per watt = kilometer per watt.
Unmappable address format, Please re-format the address, test and submit. = Adressformatet ej giltigt. Vänligen omformatera adressen, test, och lägg till.
Test = Test
Submit = lägg till.

Hamilton said...

Thanks Janne! The Swedish text is up and running!

Hamilton said...

Thanks to IT9MRM for the translation to Italian. The translation will be up soon!