Monday, November 3, 2008

A Nice Coincidence

My Advanced ham license slipped back in 2002. With the physics study I've been involved in lately, it seemed like a good time to get back into the hobby. Calculating the distribution of an electromagnetic field has a little more concreteness to it when your antenna design depends on the result. So, I studied up, and recently passed my General exam. All that studying is what inspired the set of practice exams that appeared on this site recently. My old boat anchor radio went the way of my Advanced ticket a few years back, so I recently ordered a QRP rig, the 20m RockMite from Small Wonder Labs. It's a small CW-only transceiver kit that looks pretty slick.

I got a great surprise this afternoon when my General ticket and the RockMite kit came in the mail on the same day! I'll be writing here about the construction and operation of the RockMite as the project moves along. In the mean time, does anyone have a good design 20m antenna design that can be deployed from a second story balcony?

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