Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Fourth of July Trailhead on the Fourteenth of October

Snow is already coming down all over Colorado! In fact, they opened a few of the ski runs today! I traveled up to Diamond Lake via the Fourth of July trailhead yesterday where there's just a little bit of snow in the shady spots. The hike is beautiful, it crosses two very nice waterfalls and Boulder Creek on the way up. I ran into three other groups making the trek on a Tuesday afternoon. For more information on the trail and the Forest Service regulations for the area check:

Diamond Lake [pdf]


Back down the valley toward Eldora.

Middle Boulder Creek

Campsites available!

Diamond Lake

Trail: Diamond Lake Trail #975 from Fourth of July Trailhead
Forest Service description and regulations [pdf]
Roundtrip distance on trail: 5.2 miles
Transit time from Boulder to trailhead: 55 minutes
Hike time to lake: 2 hours
Hike time back: 1 hour


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