Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Tempel Riddare Ordens

While wondering around Stockholm, I found a building that had what appeared to be Scottish Rite symbols on its entrance.

It is the home of the Tempel Riddare Ordens in Stockholm. Of course, wikipedia had the anwer. It turns out that this is an organization that probably has Masonic roots and was founded in the United States in 1845 as part of the temperance movement. It was originally known as the "Marshall Temperance Fraternity" and promoted complete abstinence from alchoholic beverages. It now exists only in Scandanavia and is know as Tempel Riddare Ordens.

Another Masonic tie: From the Charge of the Entered Apprentice Degree:

"... and [a duty] to yourself, in avoiding all irregularity and intemperance, which may impair your faculties, or debase the dignity of your profession. ..."

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