Monday, March 10, 2008

Cowbells Without Retakes

No More Interruptions By The Record Label Execs!:
Those of you who read "More Cowbell" article about embedding new Google forms in web pages may have noticed the line:

"To keep your web page from redirecting to the google success message and requiring your users to press the 'back' button, simply add:
to the form tag prior to the action attribute.

at the bottom of the article. It has also been noted in the Google Docs user forums that the forms would be more useful for multi-entry data input if they didn't redirect when the user hit the submit button. Even using the _blank suggestion mentioned above, you'll quickly wind up with an annoyingly large number of 'Thank You' tabs or windows depending on you browser. Well, it turns out, there's an answer to this problem!

Immediately before the form tag, insert the following line of html:

 < iframe name="catcher" height="0"></iframe > 

Then, in the form tag, modify the target attribute so that it looks like:


Voila! The record input confirmation screen is redirect to the 'zero' height iframe. The new horizontal bar you see immediately above the form below is the catcher iframe mentioned here.

Turn up the:
  • Cowbell
  • Bass
  • Lead Guitar

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And that's it folks.
No more interruptions from the label between takes!

Of course, with the form in its current state, the data entry person has to have quite a bit of faith that they actually clicked the submit button. Would anyone like to contribute a piece of scriptaculous javascript code that would highlight the form background in light green with a fad after the submit button is pushed? Please? :)

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