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Top 9 UK Cities for UFO Sightings: 2007

While I've been reporting on the analysis of Ministry of Defence UFO sighting data for the last decade, UFO sightings continue to occur:

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Today, the year by year analysis of the data begins. In 2007 Shrewsbury reported 3 sightings while there were 8 other cities that reported two UFO sightings each. The map and data follow.

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City # Date Sigthed or
Shrewsbury 3 12-Nov-07 S A series of lights in a circle that had an inner circle. There were fifteen extra lights on the outside of the outer circle. They were moving clockwise, then anti-clockwise through the sky and then back again.
24-Sep-07 R Four orange lights were seen crossing the sky. There was a gap, and then threemore lights followed. The lights were moving at quite a fast rate. (Message taken -24 Sep 07).
7-Jul-07 S There was a convoy of white lights moving along the river bank. They were silent.
Cardiff 2 3-Jan-08 R The witness saw spaceships and then said that one of them abducted his dog, carand tent when he and some friends were out camping. (Message taken 3 January2008 and the UFO was seen sometime in 2007).
3-Jan-08 R A UFO was seen. (UFO was seen sometime in December 2007). (Message taken3 January 2008).
Liverpool 2 14-Apr-07 S A red, pipe like object. It was seen for about 10-15 seconds, very close to theplane. It then disappeared into the clouds.
13-Aug-07 R Six to eight glowing lights, moving in a straight line across the sky. Were changingpatterns from diamonds to pyramids. (Message taken 13 August 2007).
Hastings 2 30-May-07 R Saw something very strange in the sky. (Message taken 30 May 2007).
4-Sep-07 R A UFO was seen. (Message taken off answerphone - 4 September 2007).
Dunkeld 2 31-Aug-07 S Orange lights seen in the sky.
31-Aug-07 S A number of orange lights in the sky. They were very low and fast in the sky.
Southampton 2 8-Apr-07 S Two distinctive lights, which were reddish in colour and were moving rapidly fromSouth West to North.
18-Jun-07 S There was an object adjacent to the moon, and was twice the brightness. The object was stationary and looked to be 30,000 ft up.
Alton 2 1-Sep-07 S Seventeen objects were seen. They looked round, (totally circular) and solid and were a bright orange colour. They were in an elongated shape.
1-Sep-07 S Sixty to two hundred objects seen moving across the sky. They were moving at a steady pace.
East Finchley 2 30-Jul-07 S Three bright lights were hovering and moving to the left and then to the right very fast. One was stationary and looked like a flare.
4-Sep-07 S A UFO flared and then vanished.
Shirley/Solihull 2 12-Dec-07 S
A giant craft shone a light into the witnesses back window. It shot off fast at first to
27-Sep-07 R
A UFO was seen. (Message taken off answerphone - 27 September 2007).

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