Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Spring in Boulder and Paris

I finally made it back to Boulder today! The weather is beautiful! Boulder is still Boulder! While riding the shuttle into town I noticed a man in a gray business suit waiting at the bus stop. I've been here long enough to know that he's practicing sustainability. But hang on, that's not all. He was also practicing his dance steps as he waited. Swaying gently across the sidewalk in a graceful waltz.

I was in Paris a few days ago. The weather was beautiful. Spring is in full swing there. And as it happens every spring, young lovers' thoughts have begun to turn to romance. Or in the case of Paris, perhaps they've turned a little past romance straight to lust.

I sat down to eat dinner at the Monte Cristo on the Champ Ulysses and ordered a Monte Cristo to drink. I know, it lacks in originality, but it had to be done! Soon after that a young couple sat at the table next to me. They moved their chairs close to one another, there was a loud clunk as the table shifted and after a while, well...

At first it was hard to tell if they were kissing or locked in a struggle to the death to determine who would have to pay the bill. Then, it became clear. They were up on the table and going for it. Soft moans of ecstasy could be heard. Out of courtesy, I tried not to stare, but when pieces of clothing started to fly... Hey, hey, watch out for the lasagna!

Whoops, my imagination got carried away there. No, they just made out for a good solid hour. I had you going though didn't I?

So, I'm back in Boulder today, and here too Spring has turned peoples' thoughts to love. While sitting on the patio of my favorite Sushi bar tonight, I realized that the couple at the next table were on a first date. The conversation sounded interesting so I listened in. It turns out the guy races mini race cars. As he described the races, his date asked if he'd ever been in the hospital for long because of an accident. It turned out he had.

"Yeah, once I was thrown from the car and when I came down, I put my hand out in front of me to break the fall."

His date blurted out, "Oh no, that's how you break your wrist!"

Interesting that she knew that, cool girl!

"Yeah, so I broke my wrist. You know how their are two bones that come down your wrist? Well, yeah, they were completely split apart! All the tendons were ripped! And my scapula in my shoulder was shattered!"

It all seemed a little graphic for dinner, but I forgot I was in Boulder!

"Did you lose any movement of your fingers?" she asked.

"No, no everything was fine."

"Because, see, when I did that, my thumb was never quite right again. Look, I can only move it back to here." She grabbed her thumb and pulled it back a little further. "It should go all the way back to here."

"Cool! No, bummer, I didn't wind up with any cool tricks! All my fingers went back to normal. But, racing bikes, that's where I'm getting some good scars!"

And suddenly I was in the middle of that famous scene from "Jaws" or "Chasing Amy" depending on your taste in movies. If you haven't seen either movie, the main characters are comparing scars received while hunting sharks in Jaws, and in Chasing Amy, while... Well, let's just say they imitated the Jaws scene.

The guy pulls up his pants leg and starts to catalog the scars he got "just last weekend".

How cool! Only in Boulder!


flawless said...

I could so compare scars with a guy! And I am betting I have more! :) Perhaps I should try that on my next Thoner date. Then, they won't be focused on the fact that I've never killed myself running or biking oooogles of miles -- but I still have lots of great scar stories.

Hamilton said...

In Boulder things tend to run more towards "Did you survive it?" as opposed to "Did you finish it?" A few weeks ago my neighbor came back from mountain biking after almost completely slicing off the back of his heal. He'd used his iPhone to get some awesome shots at the hospital. Not to be outdone, about an hour later we almost blew up the house with the propane Bar-B-Q. Flames were coming out of the tank. That's bad right?