Monday, April 2, 2007

Poetry at the Goat and Superhero Outfit Changes

This place is so cool!

I was sitting at the Hungry Goat tonight working on another tech book during the weekly poetry reading. I'm not sure if that's a cognitive dissonance or an oxymoron, but that's what I was doing. Actually it's probably neither, but I've always wanted to use the word dissonance.

Anyway! I was sitting at the front door working away. OK, I wasn't working. The trial version of Microsoft Office had expired and I was installing the new version, which was taking forever, so, umm... yeah... I was actually doing what I do best down here: watching the world go by.

So, getting back to the story, as I'm watching the world go by, (accompanied by ranting poetry in the background), a woman pulls up on a classic Vespa and parks on the sidewalk. She's got a bob haircut, and she's wearing a white leather jacket, pink tights, and a pair of white go-go boots. For all the world, she looked like she was going to do an interpretive dance to one of the poems. I smiled and got back to my very intense installation work, (watching the little green bar go across the screen).

About two minutes later, she comes back out. Except now, she's wearing heels, a sleek dress, and the white leather jacket. Apparently, the Goat is her Boulder phone booth. She laid the boots on the floor of the Vespa, (conclusively proving that yes, there is no crime in Boulder), and off she went to whatever it is you can do down the street with a nice dress, but not with pink tights.

Always something new here. And to think, I almost bought a TV!

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